Jed Liu
Jed Liu
Jed Liu
Software Engineer
Compilers and Tools Team PGP key

My research interests span distributed systems, security, and programming languages. Some projects I have worked on:

  • p4v, a tool for verifying P4 data planes (and a related tool for generating input/output tests).
  • Cyber–physical systems security, a collaboration between Cornell's CS, ECE, and MAE departments for developing verifiable security for collision avoidance in autonomous vehicles [ ECE project website ]
  • Fabric, a federated platform for securely storing and computing on shared information
  • Jif, a Java extension that protects data by controlling information flow
  • Swift, a framework for building secure web applications
  • JMatch, a Java extension with pattern matching and interruptible iterators
  • Polyglot, an extensible compiler framework
  • PolyJ, Java with bounded parametric polymorphism
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